Extracurricular Nights: Scientific Discoveries

Do you like science? Do you like history? Then come visit our 17th and 18th century exhibits for a night of historical science! Our interpreters will demonstrate period-appropriate scientific discoveries or inventions with hands-on experiments. Come visit 17th century England to see Isaac Newton’s prism experiments or 18th century Germany to understand Franz Joseph Gall’s [...]

Independence Day Celebration

'The ever memorable day was ushered in by the discharge of guns,’ said one observer of Staunton’s 1830s 4th of July Celebration. Come out to the Frontier Culture Museum this 4th of July for a day of historical weapons demonstrations, readings of the Declaration of Independence, games, and more! Join us in celebrating America’s 248th birthday [...]

Extracurricular Nights: Revolutionary War

For our second Extracurricular Night on July 19th, join in the defense of Virginia, and enlist in Lt. Colonel Joseph Crockett’s Western Battalion. Sign the roll, draw your pay, and learn, first hand how these men fought to defend the Shenandoah Valley. Experience the American Revolution on the frontier, and how Virginia’s unique frontier culture [...]

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