Education Programs

The Frontier Culture Museum strives to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.The Museum’s onsite and outreach education programs are designed to include many hands-on activities. All programs are available to all ages and include age-appropriate content and activities. The hands-on activities have themes of farming, cooking, tools, animals, chores, and more.

Activities vary with the seasons, and weather conditions can impact the availability of some programs.

Nearly all educational programs can be delivered 3 ways:

*If costs are a concern, grant assistance may be available. More info can be found here or contact*


Available Programs

Available ProgramsPlease review the program menu below. If you have questions, please contact the Director of Education to discuss options at If you know which programs you would like to include, please proceed to the Registration Page to initiate your group’s field trip. Program activities have themes of farming, cooking, tools, animals, chores, and more. If you have specific activities in mind, please ask about availability.

An education program conducted by the Frontier Culture Museum is designed to complement the learning that happens inside the classroom. All of the programs incorporate the Virginia Standards of Learning, as well as other states’ standards. We encourage you to explore our different educational programs by browsing our program information listings. Upon receiving your request form, we will contact you and design a program to suit you and your students.

Five Program Categories Are Available For Your Field Trip, Outreach, or Virtual Program:

Daily Life Programs

Specialty Programs

STEM Programs

Atlantic Migration & Westward Expansion Programs

Custom Programs


Trailblazers Grant Program

Trailblazers Grant ProgramThe American Frontier Culture Foundation, the non-profit 501c3 organization whose purpose it is to support the Museum, raises funds each year to provide assistance for school education programs conducted by the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia. The funds are privately donated and are not part of any state or federal entitlement programs.

The goal of the Trailblazers Field Trip and Outreach Grant Program is to help the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia reach as many schoolchildren in the state of Virginia as possible. Areas that the Foundation can assist in funding are student admission and transportation.