Scouts Programs

The Frontier Culture Museum offers programs designed to support badge requirements for both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. These programs include hands-on activities such as woodworking, cooking, textiles, and many more. Should you not see a program listed below that meets your scout needs, please contact the Museum and our staff will work with you to develop one that does. Please allow at least two (2) weeks for the preparation of custom programs. Hands-on activities vary with the seasons, and weather conditions can impact the availability of some programs. Please allow a minimum of two hours of program time for your visit. A minimum of 15 is needed to qualify for a guided program or self-guided group rates.

Boy Scouts Programs

A visit to the Museum will support your boy scouts mission to achieve their “American Culture,” “American Heritage,” and “Indian Lore,” and other badges. Choose to visit either the Old World or American exhibits or a combination from both.

Migration to the American Colonies (“American Cultures badge”)

Scouts will be able to compare and contrast the daily lives of the four Old World Cultures represented at the Museum. They will also discover their reasons for immigration to the American colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Early American Experience (“American Heritage Badge” & “Indian Lore Badges”)

Scouts will discover through hands-on activities the daily lives of Eastern Woodlands Indians and early American settlers. Scouts will also learn of the ethnic and cultural diversity found in the Virginia Backcountry.

Girl Scouts Programs

A visit to the Museum will help your girl scouts attain their “Playing in the Past, ”Cooking,” “Woodworking,” “Make Your Own” badges, and many more. Choose to visit either the Old World or American exhibits or a combination from both.

Life in the Old World

Your girl scouts will tour all four of our Old World Exhibits and learn about daily life in the past with the opportunity to try many historic chores, games, and other hands-on activities.

Early American Experience

Scouts will learn about daily life on our Eastern Woodland Indian and American farms. They will discover what life was like on the colonial frontier and into the Early American Period.

Service Projects

The Frontier Culture Museum will work with your scouts to complete their service project requirements. From trail maintenance and planting trees to assisting with events, the Museum invites your scouts to help. Please contact the Museum’s Education Director if interested.

Scout Camping or Overnighting

The Museum permits scout groups to camp or stay overnight on Museum grounds/exhibits for an additional charge. This includes a guided program during Museum operating hours. Availability is determined on a case-by case-basis at the Museum’s discretion, and special rules and restrictions apply. Please contact the Museum’s Education Director for more details.