Trailblazers Grant Program


The American Frontier Culture Foundation, the non-profit 501c3 organization whose purpose it is to support the Museum, raises funds each year to provide assistance for school education programs conducted by the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia. The funds are privately donated and are not part of any state or federal entitlement programs.

The goal of the Trailblazers Field Trip and Outreach Grant Program is to help the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia reach as many schoolchildren in the state of Virginia as possible. Areas that the Foundation can assist in funding are student admission and transportation.

Please visit Education Programs for a listing of the educational programs offered at the Museum and for preparatory information that may assist you in applying for your grant. Grant funds are not intended to replace the normal responsibility of the schools, students and parents in paying for programs, and are not guaranteed for the same schools each year.

The Grant Decision

Grant awards decisions are made by a joint Museum/Foundation committee. Decisions are made within 5 working days for completed applications.

Based on the grant money available, grant awards are based on the following criteria:

  1. How the program meets specific needs of the students
  2. Need demonstrated

Once your application has been submitted, Museum staff will contact you to verify that it has been received and ask any follow-up questions, if needed. After committee review, Museum staff will contact the school to provide the funding decision.

Please note that the grant application is on page 2 of the Education Program Reservation Request Form. 

The Grant Award

Should your application be approved, the Foundation will issue an award letter announcing the decision, grant amount, and any further instructions. Logistics specific to your program will be made with education staff at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia.

Please contact us with questions or concerns:

  • By Phone: 540-332-7850
  • By Email:
  • By Fax: 540-332-9989
  • By Mail: Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia

Attn: Education Grant Program
PO BOX 810
Staunton, VA. 24402

What the Trailblazers Field Trip Outreach Grant Program Funds

  • Student Admission
  • Student admission costs for:
    • Field trips
    • Classroom outreach
  • Virtual programs
  • There is no charge for school staff admission

Note: Additional chaperones accompanying the class on a traditional field trip are not covered by the grant and will be required to pay their admission in the Visitor Center when they arrive.

  • Transportation (Traditional Field Trip Only)
    • Field trip transportation funds may be awarded to schools whose distance is more than 50 miles from the Museum.
    • Please provide estimates or quotes of expected transportation costs to assist the committee in making a funding decision. Your application will not be considered until all information is received.

Note: If full transportation funds are awarded, the school may not visit other sites using the transportation paid for through the grant program without express written permission.

  • School Buses
    • If school bus transportation is awarded, reimbursement will be made directly to the school district transportation office after the field trip has occurred and an invoice has been submitted to the Foundation.
    • It is the responsibility of the teacher to make this information available to the school district’s transportation office and inform them they must submit an invoice to the Foundation for payment. Normal reimbursement is $1.50 per mile.
  • Charter Buses
    • If charter bus transportation is awarded, it will be based on the quotes submitted with the application.
    • It is the teacher’s responsibility to solicit competitive quotes for the application.
    • If approved, the teacher must also reserve the bus after making reservation arrangements.

Note: The grant award is restricted to paying actual field trip transportation costs. The school shall refund any grant where the field trip does not occur.

  • Transportation Payments
    • The preferred method of payment for charter buses is to have the Foundation pay the bus company directly. The Foundation requires complete and signed documentation before issuing payment, and before scheduled visit. The amount the Foundation will pay will be listed in the grant award letter.
    • Reimbursement is also an option, if needed. Reimbursement will be made directly to the school after the field trip has occurred and an invoice has been submitted to the Foundation. The Foundation The turnaround time on the reimbursement is approximately two weeks. The Foundation will issue a reimbursement check to the school for the amount listed in the grant award letter after the field trip has occurred and the necessary documentation received.

Before you begin

The following information will be asked in the grant application and gathering before beginning will ensure a smoother submission and process.

  • What you are requesting?
    • Admission assistance
    • Transportation assistance
  • School buses: total cost estimate
  • For charter buses: at least 2 quotes are needed
  • Need for assistance
    • e.g. include school data on free or reduced price meals, Title 1 status, etc.


Apply for the grant here.

Please note the grant application is on page 2 of the Education Program Reservation Request.